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War Whiz Turn Based Tactics
Tommy Tronic

War Whiz Tactics is a Turn Based Tactical war game that is easy to get into, yet offers deep tactical gameplay. With 60 single player missions in the Middle East, the Far East and snowy Siberia, as well as PvP async multi-player games, War Whiz Tactics offers maximum replayability that will keep you occupied for a long time to come.

Tommy Tronic: the slick realization of an extremely difficult trick - a game for all ages! Whether young or old, Tommy Tronic will engage you and keep you curious as to just what will be around the next corner! Set in a sprawling, haunted woodland, the player is taken across 12 levels of child-like imagination and mayhem. Where else will huge angry Carrots chase you?

A puzzle game with a Mission! Help the tiny robot, GB11, get planet Earth back on-line after years of neglect. Left alone & disgarded, GB11 longs to see his masters return home. It won't be easy regenerating a broken ecosystem, so a helping hand from you will be most welcome!

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